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June is Bowel cancer awareness month

A highlight of Bowel Cancer Awareness Month is Red Apple Day (Wednesday, 16 June 2021)

Bowel cancer claims the lives of 103 Australians every week (5,375 people a year).

The good news is that bowel cancer is one of the most curable types of cancer if detected early. Early detection offers the best hope of reducing the number of Australians who die each year from bowel cancer. However, at the moment only about 40% of bowel cancers are detected early so we need to start becoming aware of the symptoms and act fast.

If bowel cancer is detected before it has spread beyond the bowel, the chance of surviving for at least five years after diagnosis is around 90%, with most people able to return to their current lifestyle.

However, most cases are detected at a later stage and so only 60% of people diagnosed with the disease survive five years.

The majority of bowel cancers develop from tiny growths inside the large bowel (colon) or rectum. It is referred to as a silent killer as often there are no symptoms until it has reached an advanced stage. This is why early detection is so important.

Most bowel cancers make their presence known early by leaking small (invisible) amounts of blood into the bowel. This is then passed into the faeces. This bleeding often only becomes visible to the naked eye when the cancer becomes more advanced.

Speaking to a health professional about any concerns you may have is important. Screening tests available to the public include:

· Free screening via the National Bowl Cancer Screening Program is currently available for people aged 50,55,60 and 65 only.

· Rotary offer a $20 bowel screening kit during the month of June at participating pharmacies such as Lockyer Valley Pharmacy.

The aim is to find any polyps or to detect cancer early when it is easier to treat and cure. Early detection saves lives. To find out more why not visit us instore today and discuss the details of the screen tests available with our friendly, helpful staff.


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