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Excessive Pronation

“Pronation is a necessary part of the gait cycle as this movement allows your foot to adapt to ground changes. Excessive pronation occurs when the foot rolls inwards throughout the gait cycle. The foot looks splayed and the inner longitudinal arch will appear low to the ground.

Excessive pronation can cause or contribute towards the development of a number of other conditions. Some of the conditions attributed to excessive pronation are HAV, Plantar Fasciitis, loss of spring in the foot, metatarsalgia, shin splints, knee pain, hip pain, lower back pain and tendonitis, including Achilles tendonitis.

demonstration of excessive pronation on the foot gait

Excessively pronated feet will often cause people to walk with less spring in their gait, often they will have an out-toe gait and the toe-off phase of their gait cycle will be shortened and tend to roll off the side of the big toe instead of through the end of the big toe.

In young children it may be the cause of instability and lead to delayed walking milestones. Often these children are less active and will complain about walking any great distance. Pronation could be an early indicator for overweight and obesity. There is some evidence to suggest that pronation may increase the risk of children suffering with leg aches at night.”

Tired & Aching Feet

It is common for feet to be tired and aching after working hard. You can get relief by elevating your feet above your hips (eg lie on your back and put your feet up the wall or on a chair for 10 minutes). This will drain your feet and legs, and refresh your circulation and reduce swelling.

If you are diabetic or high risk, any potential pressure area should be assessed by your podiatrist to prevent wound formation. If the condition does not improve, see your podiatrist.

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