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Get the Facts on the FREE Flu Vac!

In this Health Notes, we'll address some of the questions and facts surrounding the Government's FREE Influenza Vac to help you stay informed and protected.

Can my community pharmacist vaccinate me?

Yes. Your influenza vaccine will be administered by a highly trained and qualified pharmacist. All vaccinating pharmacists must hold a current first aid and CPR certificate and accreditation in anaphylaxis management.

When should I book my influenza vaccine?

The influenza season in Queensland is typically from June to September, with the peak usually in August. The influenza vaccine can take between 10 to 14 days to be fully effective.

The free influenza vaccine is only available up to Thursday 30 June 2022. Now is the best time to book your influenza vaccine.

Influenza, or ‘flu’, is not the same as a common cold and can be a serious illness. Vaccination is an important measure to help prevent against influenza.

There was hardly any influenza last year, is it really worth me getting the vaccine this year?

Yes, it is. Already in May, there are significant numbers of influenza infections in Queensland. It is unknown what the extent of the spread will be this year, but with travel returning to near normal levels, it is expected that numbers will continue to increase.

It is also important that you are protected against influenza and COVID-19 to minimise the risk of infection with both viruses at the same time.

I haven’t received the COVID-19 booster, can I still receive the influenza vaccine?

Yes. If you are yet to receive your COVID-19 booster, you can book a single appointment to receive both vaccinations at the same time.

How do I book my free influenza vaccine?

Scan the QR code to make a booking at your local pharmacy. Or you can call Lockyer Valley Pharmacy direct on 07 5462 3333, or to make it easier you can book online via our secure booking service, simply follow the prompts.

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