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Anyone can get the Flu!

Even people who are healthy and fit can get the flu. But some people are more fragile and therefore more likely to get the flu and develop complications.

The National Immunisation Program (NIP) provides free annual influenza vaccinations from your GP for:

· All individuals aged 65 years and over

· All aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 6months up to 5 years and over 15 years

· Pregnant women

· Individuals aged 6 months and over with medical conditions predisposing to severe influenza such as cardiac disease, chronic respiratory disease, diabetes, renal disease, chronic neurological disease, immune impairment, haematological ( blood ) disorders.

As we know, influenza is caused by a virus, so antibiotics are not effective (the presence of yellow/green mucus is not necessarily an indication of a bacterial infection, it’s simply an indication that our immune system is doing its job). Taking antibiotics is therefore unnecessary; and only serves to increase antibiotic resistance both in the community and in us as individuals.

Today, prevention is our major weapon against influenza. You can help protect yourself by making your lifestyle healthy with regular exercise you enjoy and a daily diet that includes a wide variety of food. And, of course, annual vaccination against the flu, particularly for all people in high risk categories

Annual vaccination is considered as the most effective protection against the flu by the World Health Organisation. The influenza vaccine can be administered by an accredited pharmacist at Lockyer Valley Pharmacy. Ring our friendly staff to book an appointment.

Lockyer Valley Pharmacy has the 4 strain 2021 flu vaccination in stock.

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